Jim Quotes

Jim Quotes - 2

1.  Hard liquor - Flu in a bottle 2.  A person draws the beast out of the heart of their mate and battles it thus experiencing therapeutic catharsis.  Best to seek catharsis elsewhere.

3.  It’s all I can do  to do what I don’t do . 4.  Man to acquaintance:  “You look just like Stalin - and I mean it in a good way.”

5.  The Fakery Bakery - cooking up a bunch of stories

6.  DDDT - My motto - Don’t do dumb things

7.  Douglas MacArthur in Korea - A rotten banana surrounded by tarantulas . 8.  Galaxies as an aerosol being sprayed from black holes ( rather than Big Bang)

9.  Little things are everything.

10.  A great painting is a reciprocating engine of line, color, composition, technique, idea

11.  An alternate to Darwin’s notion of Natural Selection:  Blake: Visceral Intention - generating antlers, protective coloring, opposable thumb from internal cosmic fear rather than from mutating genes via external cosmic ray impact.

12.  Bumper sticker:  If Jesus didn’t die for your sins, who did?

13.  One priest to another:  “Did you get your exorcize today?”

14.  Success:  The ability to recognize and tolerate and savor  your blessings.

15.  If a person has enough money  not to have to worry about income, employment or career, they are re-absorbed into themselves and may implode creating a black hole sucking innocent people into their oblivion.  This may may happen regardless of net worth.

16.  Which doesn’t involve brainwashing: Stalingrad, Leningrad, Harvardgrad.

17.  A novel: “On the Rodent” by Jack Kerorat…………sorry

18.  Ever seen a creeping nowwhat - a furry little beast that appears at the completion of a large enterprise.

19.  Passion erases doubt

20.  You can easily over-think a problem.  Excessive thinking may cripple intention.

21.  We do not owe black people reparations but we DO owe them back payment with interest for cotton picked, coal mined, trees logged, roads built, limestone quarried for which they were not paid as they were illegally indentured to companies throughout the south from 1900 until 1944.  Let’s take half of the current defense budget (the surplus) and pay these families and their descendants.  This would boost our economy.  Alternate: forward sixteen billion dollars to the United Negro College Fund.

22.  Mind over monday

23.  It's clear as a bell the world's crazy as hell.

Jim Quotes -1

1.  Chandleresque detective to colleague: They want me dead….and I can live with that. 2.  Her hesitant affection smacked the nape of my neck like a damp mackerel…and it wasn’t fishing season.

3.  Greatness consists of patiently answering the little voices emanating from a work in progress that say  “Help me! - help me”

4.  Mothers create the sons they need.

5.  Prayer:  Maximum grace on a daily base.

6.  It’s turning into a scatter of insanity.

7.  Exis - stench - ialism : The philosophy of stink

8.  Surf the moment

9.  To thine own self…be reasonable.

10.  Emotional strength:  The ability to feel loved in the face of overwhelming information to the contrary.

11.  I’d rather a person be a blatant jerk than a latent jerk.

12.  Education is a process of becoming schizoid in an organized and methodical fashion ie hearing voices and answering them in your work.

13.  Albert Kahn designed over 2,000 factories between 1900 and 1940

14.  Braque - Obama : The Cubist ticket  2012

15.  There’s more BS in orbit around the art / architecture world than socks around Saturn.

16.  As everyone knows, context is everything and our law admits no context - Just the facts ma’m.

17.  Instead of giving your child an ice cream cone get him/her a whipped hummus cone….just kidding.

18.  Mediocre art violates principles in an insipid manner.  If one is going to break rules - do it with gusto.

19.  Cattle muscle tissue fills with the molecules of doom prior to their death in Cowschwitz (you’ve all seen it - just off the Grapevine along Highway five)  When you eat this beef you ingest an array of dire chemicals of mammal anxiety, fear, terror as well as the residue of dozens of bovine pharmaceuticals (Google these!) Wonder why you feel tired and cranky after a big burger.  The question is not   “Where’s the Beef?”    The question is:  “Where’s the beef been?”

20.  We live in a mediocracy.

21.  Amateur painting:  Everyone knows how to plant and grow but few know how to weed.

22.  Once you chicken out,  it’s hard to chicken back in.

23.  Guy  to ex-girlfriend:   “You made messing with my mind a full-time job!” Girlfriend to guy:   “That would only be a part-time job.”

24.  Impulse control - don’t leave home without it.

25.  I walk into a ghetto - all I see are nine mm pistols - I’ve got Glock-oma.

26.  To leave your adrenalin un-metabolized is a crime against your soul as well as a burden to those around you.

27.  Designing a new home in Silicon Valley is like throwing a chunk of raw beef into the Amazon.   (The Planning Departments are voracious and want to design your house for you)

One and two liners

1.  Highway Patrol:  Rolling tax collectors 2.  Female colossal gorilla:  Thong Kong

3.  I  mistakenly called AA to get my car towed instead of AAA - the driver told me it was going to take twelve steps to get my car hitched up.

4.  New law firm:  Fleetwood, Mack, Arroni and Cheese

5.  TV sitcom: Black high school basketball player works in his father’s grocery store in gang-heavy Compton: “Kobe Gillis”

6.  Older man hitting on waaay younger woman:  Guy: “Have you ever dated older guys?” Young Woman:  No, but I’ve dated a poltergeist and you don’t have a ghost of a chance to get in my pants.

7.  Money maker for the two-tier society:  Dog plastic surgery-breast reduction, tummy tucks, tail adjustment, jaw reconstruction.

8.  Punchline to a joke that remains unwritten:  Absinthe makes the fart grow Honda.

9.  Pre-teens have Hanna Montana - Boomers have Tacoma Glaucoma

10.  Man to anger management counselor after one year of classes - “Well - yeah, I cold cocked the bastard but this time I didn’t get angry at all - stayed cool as a cucumber - he steals my barstool - I knock him out.  This class has been great.

11.  Accountants of rock legend:  Ed Zeppelin, Barnaby Wild, Roland on the River

12.  Happy song for Psychiatric professionals: “Jung at Heart” - It is hard you will find to be scrambled of mind - when you’re Jung at heart….if you should survive all that Freudian jive - think of all you’ll derive from bein’ alive - and here is the best part you’ll have a head start, if you are among the very Jung at heart.

13.  It is 1850 London we’re standing on the bank of the Thames when a huge white whale swims slowly past as hundreds of hungry street urchins gather to watch…. Moby Dickens