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The Bliss Engine is about the relationship of diet to creativity. The role of creative thinking, once associated with the fine arts, has spread throughout all realms of the global workplace. One must be creative to survive in business, science, medicine, sports, the fine arts, engineering, architecture, advertising and in any solopreneurial pursuit. 

What is creativity? What is creative thinking? Libraries are scattered with texts on the subject. The Bliss Engine examines an effective way to enter a mental state that enables the highest level of sustained creative thought and action. This book covers a broad spectrum of vital ideas from a description of the very simple diet at the heart of the book to a dream of a culture-wide evolution of consciousness that might ensue if our population becomes more enlightened, more creative, healthier and happier by being more receptive to the power of the universe that surrounds us every day. 

The Bliss Engine is a recipe for un-blocking personal consciousness, allowing creative thought to flourish, and opening doors to releasing new energy of our national consciousness. The book is interspersed with anecdotes from the author's life-long creative exploration in the realms of art, architecture, songwriting, screenwriting, fiction, memoir and philosophy.



A collection of 76 essays inspired by Stephen Jay Gould's masterpiece "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory"