Why Total Project Management?

Total Project Management allows the generation and discovery of information up front, when it can be used to get the most realistic bids, not after a contract for construction has already been signed.

Residential building industry designers (unlicensed) and construction contractors will sometimes tell you that architects are too expensive. In my twenty-five years of experience, I can say that every dollar spent on an experienced, licensed architect saves ten dollars by the time your project is completed. This savings is achieved in three ways:

Bid management: Using a thorough set of contract documents to solicit realistic bids from qualified contractors

Minimizes change orders: Using complete construction documents that provide thorough information for material take-offs and material location, inter-relationships and finish.

Schedule management during construction phase.

TPM allows thorough due diligence regarding zoning and planning regulations and guidelines, city ordinances and local design entities that may affect a project. It also allows for the gathering of extensive facts regarding site and structure existing conditions, such as:

Grading and Drainage

Utility easements

Land covenants

Setbacks and allowable floor area ratios

Existing framing peculiarities/conditions

TPM allows time to fully explore your program of needs, desires, and the potential of your site and budget. Pre-construction services are provided by an experienced, licensed architect focusing on esthetics, techniques and management. Front-load your project with careful, well-documented decisions - don't wait for confusion to occur. Confusion equals expense.

TPM standards are state of the art.