Architecture School - Lecture Topics and coursework

Jim Blake, NCARB807 Bain Place Redwood City, CA  94062 Jim . (650) 366-4974

Topics upon which I could lecture effectively:

Architectural design process Techniques and strategies for design development Contract documents: Plans, specs, contracts Marketing for a small office – cultivating social networks Coordinating the consultant team: landscape, structural, civil, HVAC / plumbing, electrical, lighting, acoustics, food service, graphics, curtain wall, life safety, etc. Construction administration: delivering quality Architecture theory: Renaissance through contemporary – focus on 20th,21st C. Cezanne, Cubism and the Roots of “CitraModern” Architecture The history of the picture plane: Lascaux to Pollock The history of Painting: 19th through 20th Century: Turner to Jasper Johns The origins of style: tipping point A lexicon of contemporary architecture: nature and neologism Architecture History: Ancient through Contemporary (semester): featuring: Russian constructivist architecture Frank Lloyd Wright: The Wasmuth Portfolio LeCorbusier, Mies, Gropius: manifestos spoken and constructed Architectural enclosure systems: design, detailing, shop drawing review Laboratory design: Biology and chemistry research  laboratories Airport design: large markets, Industrial buildings, suburban office buildings, ferry terminals Wayfinding: Graphics in public buildings: concept, design, detailing Corporate office-design and space planning: the hip and the square High-end corporate interior design: limestone, bronze, terrazzo, stainless steel, wood veneer, millwork:    design, detailing, shop drawing review Structural design in detail for wood frame buildings Structural concepts for types I – V, including long-span steel systems Architectural graphics (two- year program ) orthographic projection, linear perspective, descriptive geometry axonometric and plan oblique projection systems and techniques freehand drawing, painting, human anatomy for architects, masterclass: drawing toward sublimity, the numinous image Residential project delivery: programming, design, documentation, construction phase services. Residential civil works: retaining walls, site drainage, roadway substrate, coord w/ geotech The community urban design charrette: organizing and delivering concepts to civilians, civic leaders and the press Teaching future architecture academics: strategies for the left and right brain. Writing clear, effective English: writing as the residue of thought Brainstorming and flow states: The creative process in the arts: architecture, sculpture, music, painting and  writing