Babies and Bathwater

Painters of the Renaissance paradigm (1412-1900)  fought the same battles in all of their work.  These battles were for: 1.  The center of focus 2.  For pictorial space  3.  For story line - the narrative.   Modern art, in its swerve,  has eliminated the center, flattened pictorial space and removed the story.  Has some part of the baby been thrown out with this bathwater?  Contemporary critics, teachers and curators  clobber this infant each time it crawls back onto the scene - cruel.  Time to lighten up.  Architecture entertained its turning of the soil of modernist dogma in 1966 with Robert Venturi’s  explosive treatise, Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.  The art world still revolves around Duchamp, now a moldy old worn out set of notions that were tired when Andy Warhol took them for a spin around the block to great effect.