"Bad" Drawing

Bad drawing by educated avante-garde  artists is a sign of homage to Cezanne.   like a population of Castillian Spaniards who developed a lisp so their youthful handicapped king would not feel damaged because of his speech defect, his lisp.  Great draughtsmen / women have been hiding their gifts since 1905.  It has simply not been cool to be a sublime *draughtsman  but most artists who have been touched by angels will go through a brief phase demonstrating their mastery and then drink the Kool Aid and klunk it up. * Draughtsman: a man or woman who draws in the realm of fine art not one who labors in an architect or engineer's office - these are draftsmen.  Drawers are knickers are underpants

"Bad" drawing:  Drawing by someone who has natural or hard-won drawing skill who chooses to downplay or hide this skill in order to signify obeisance to the norms of twentieth century art.