Bob Dylan - droite de Seigneur

Bob Dylan creates a large musical playing field in the 1960s, a field upon which a generation of talented singer / songwriters played.  Tom Waits is one of these artists playing on the field of Bob.  It is interesting that after forty years Dylan has his pick of which of his students to mimic for his own uses.  Dylan’s current mumbly, croaky voice singing low-life stories is a big page out of his student Tom Waits’ book.  This is exactly what Frank Lloyd Wright did when, after inventing the playing field for twentieth century architecture, he goes to school on two of his best students, Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler.  Inspired by their work which was directly derived from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright (they both worked in his office), Wright creates his masterpiece - Fallingwater.  Wright and Dylan are exercising their artistic * “Droite de seigneur” or * “Jus primae noctis” over their most talented minions.  It’s funny that when Picasso tried this with young Diego Rivera during the late cubist years he almost got shot by Rivera,  who didn’t take kindly to Pablo visiting his studio and stealing his latest cubist spatial inventions or flirting with his girlfriend. * The right of the king to sleep with your wife on your wedding night.