Comfort Food Uncomfortable

Don’t eat comfort food.  The comfort is short-lived, the calories are forever.  Cultivate contrast in your daily life.  Alternate pain and pleasure, hunger and satiation, noise and quiet, anxiety and  bliss.  Reduce the scale of your food contrasts.  Allow simple fare to satisfy by cultivating your hunger for an extra hour before each meal.  If you are not hungry enough to eat oatmeal you are not hungry enough to eat.  Make The Bliss Diet work for you not against you.  It takes twenty-four hours to recover from a glass of wine.  Don’t lose your bliss to alcohol.  The Big Engine prefers that you keep your bliss to a minimum  That is why wine is available in every supermarket and glorified in newspapers, and cigarettes are all around us, and prescription drugs and drug-filled meat.  Bliss is the enemy of The Big Engine.  Your spiritual fulfillment is the very last item on its agenda.   The Big Engine fears your independence, your fulfillment, your happiness.   Be defiant!