Garth Brooks: Let Them Eat Cake

Garth Brooks has sold more albums than any other solo artist in history.  The great majority of these fans are hardworking middle-class American men and women i.e. scrimpers and savers struggling to survive from payday to payday.  If one votes with one’s pocketbook then Garth Brooks has ridden this enormous wave of populist support to the presidency of all recorded music.  Now, after ten years of rest, Mr. Brooks is singing better than ever and wants to perform again.  He has made a deal with Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn to play Las Vegas fifteen or twenty weekends a year to small audiences who pay $150. Per ticket i.e. the rich.  Garth is abandoning the people who created his popularity and wealth,  following the footsteps of many elected leaders who, once they are ensconced in the halls of power, sell out their constituents via lobbyists for global corporations and financial interests that victimize the people who empowered them - the average hardworking American.  Garth Brooks is now committing his artistry to his friends in high places.  Garth - say it isn’t so!