Hemingway - Fitzgerald - Cervantes

Hemingway’s Robert Jordan in For Whom the Bell Tolls, is a knight errant of sorts wandering Spain for adventures and serving his maiden Maria who lived in her castle (cave).  Hemingway and Fitzgerald leaned heavily on Don Quixote, getting their literary ticket punched so that academic recognition could be achieved i.e. proof that they were on the “main line” of western literary tradition, good boys not strays.   F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and the Damned , models Gloria after Marcela in the tale within a tale from Don Quixote  of “Grisostomo” the lovelorn, scholarly “goatherd” The great beauty parades herself among the lads but is unavailable for commitment or consummation driving the lads crazy with unrequited love and jealousy, lust and suicide. ps:  Why does Hemingway refer to Robert Jordan as Robert Jordan ten thousand times throughout "For Whom the Bell Tolls" when we knew Robert's last name was Jordan after the first page?   At this point Hemingway could have called him Robert only or Bob or Hey you.