Humor? - An Imaginary Telephone Call

A telephone call from Joseph Stalin to Dmitri Shostakovitch in the middle of the night during the 1920s - think Bob Newhart’s telephone comedy routines. Stalin: “Dmitri - This is Joseph - Joseph Stalin.  How are you this evening?  I saw your new opera last night - too many notes Dmitri - too much dissonance and what is it with these twelve tones? - You are our national hero composer.  I should think you would write for the workers Dmitri - a music for the people.  Are you with me on this?  You continue being creative - release your genius for the people - do we see eye to eye on this Dmitri?  Anymore dissonance and I’ll have you shot and if it’s atonal I’ll shoot you twice.  Good night Dmitri - pleasant dreams.”……..this is not funny but accurately conveys Stalin’s intimidation of artists during his years as leader of the Soviets.