Ingres Management

“Drawing is the probity of art”   Jean Dominique IngresDrawing don’t mean doodly squat in art.    Paul Cezanne Ingres is often mistaken for being a great draughtsman, almost always by people write about art, not practitioners.  Ingres was an intensely careful draughtsman but he was not a great one.  Great draughtsmen have processed their fear.  They are fearless and joyful in their mastery.  Raphael, Daumier, Lautrec, Della Bella, Michaelangelo, Bernini and Rodin were great draughtsmen probably because drawing was secondary to their primary creative agenda.  Ingres was a drawing fetishist.  Great draughtsmen do not get consumed by line.  They issue line unconsciously like a spider issues filament.  It is second nature.  One can always see fear in the drawn line if it is present and fear is all around the drawings of Ingres,  preventing his work from rising to greatness.  Great draughting is sensuous, generous and accurate.  It captures sublime bliss and transcendent soul-power.

Reginald Marsh was a great draughtsman as was Daumier and young Ken Dallison (see: Esquire Magazine - 1967 - article-drawings of Robin Olds' dogfighting in his F-4 Phantom in vietnam)