Jim Quotes - 2

1.  Hard liquor - Flu in a bottle 2.  A person draws the beast out of the heart of their mate and battles it thus experiencing therapeutic catharsis.  Best to seek catharsis elsewhere.

3.  It’s all I can do  to do what I don’t do . 4.  Man to acquaintance:  “You look just like Stalin - and I mean it in a good way.”

5.  The Fakery Bakery - cooking up a bunch of stories

6.  DDDT - My motto - Don’t do dumb things

7.  Douglas MacArthur in Korea - A rotten banana surrounded by tarantulas . 8.  Galaxies as an aerosol being sprayed from black holes ( rather than Big Bang)

9.  Little things are everything.

10.  A great painting is a reciprocating engine of line, color, composition, technique, idea

11.  An alternate to Darwin’s notion of Natural Selection:  Blake: Visceral Intention - generating antlers, protective coloring, opposable thumb from internal cosmic fear rather than from mutating genes via external cosmic ray impact.

12.  Bumper sticker:  If Jesus didn’t die for your sins, who did?

13.  One priest to another:  “Did you get your exorcize today?”

14.  Success:  The ability to recognize and tolerate and savor  your blessings.

15.  If a person has enough money  not to have to worry about income, employment or career, they are re-absorbed into themselves and may implode creating a black hole sucking innocent people into their oblivion.  This may may happen regardless of net worth.

16.  Which doesn’t involve brainwashing: Stalingrad, Leningrad, Harvardgrad.

17.  A novel: “On the Rodent” by Jack Kerorat…………sorry

18.  Ever seen a creeping nowwhat - a furry little beast that appears at the completion of a large enterprise.

19.  Passion erases doubt

20.  You can easily over-think a problem.  Excessive thinking may cripple intention.

21.  We do not owe black people reparations but we DO owe them back payment with interest for cotton picked, coal mined, trees logged, roads built, limestone quarried for which they were not paid as they were illegally indentured to companies throughout the south from 1900 until 1944.  Let’s take half of the current defense budget (the surplus) and pay these families and their descendants.  This would boost our economy.  Alternate: forward sixteen billion dollars to the United Negro College Fund.

22.  Mind over monday

23.  It's clear as a bell the world's crazy as hell.