John Marshall - Hardship

John Marshall was always sensitive to the hardship of individuals who could not afford to seek redress from distant courts.  With this in mind he often settled cases within their own jurisdictions that might have been candidates for an appeal to a higher but distant court.  Marshall’s sensitivity to logistical and financial challenges of individuals seeking justice is belied by his creation of a powerful and impregnable (by states) federal government.  In 2010, as has been the case, for two hundred years, the individual has no local recourse via a state legislature or state court to the mandates of the federal government.  This is not democracy. The federal government has made itself a remote and unfathomable hog, impenetrable  even by a new president who makes a commitment to two hundred twenty million people for change.  Our only pipeline to John Marshall’s now colossal and omnipotent federal government is our vote for president and his immediate and continuing emasculation is proof that democracy in the United States is dead.  Stick a fork in it - it’s over.  American citizens have become a viral colony that is harvested by corporate and financial entities from birth to death - revolt now!