Lake Letterman Indiana

It is time for a very large scale WPA style civil engineering project to get the heartland and the rest of us back on our feet.  Let’s turn Indiana into our sixth great lake and connect this lake to the rapidly diminishing Oglala aquifer that lies beneath the Great Plains states.  What to do with the farmers and small town residents?  Swap them their soon to be submerged land for lakefront property.  There will be thousands of new miles of this valuable real estate.  The actual edge of  Lake Letterman will be located ten miles from adjacent borders.  Indianapolis will become an island of sorts connected by spokes that form the five major highways into surrounding states.  Lafayette / Purdue may lobby for island status but it is not likely to be granted.  This project will employ all willing workers on the North American continent for ten years: blue collar, white collar, no collar.  Lake Letterman will become a thriving tourist destination for vacationers  and shoppers from around the world with direct flights from Asia and the Middle East.  Our new great lake will replace rust-belt industry with global scale recreation opportunity. “Make no little plans” - Daniel Burnham