Law - Paradigm Shift

-     During the twentieth century the following realms of human endeavor have come to grips with the epochal paradigm shift of 1912 (locus 1895-1920):  Physics, painting, music, dance, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, literature and architecture.  They have all  experienced major revolutions incorporating  the un-pinned station point that released ambiguity, uncertainty, intuition, the primitive and all manner of non-linear, contra-logical thinking that signaled the loss of primacy of The Enlightenment Project.  A project characterized by Newtonian physics, tonal music, rational logic, deductive reasoning and hierarchical notions of organizing thought and measuring the world.  We are now standing impatiently as the globe over-populates and over-heats and economies crumble in archaic eighteenth century manifestations, waiting for our legal system to respond to our global emergency.  The U.S. Constitution and the grand wormy juridical edifice it created must get with the twenty- first century program.  Our legal system has not changed in principal since its formulation in 1789.  Many features have their roots in the medieval.  The U.S. legal system stands wobbling, exhausted and incapable of responding to our current needs. It is now time to re-think the U.S. Constitution and the entire body of Constitutional law,  philosophy and legal precedent using quantum logic - the logic of Einstein and Picasso, Schoenberg, Freud and Wright.  It is time to blow the soot and cobwebs out of every corner of our laws from edifice to foundation down to the compacted cultural backfill on which the  block stands.  We have banks of supercomputers waiting to be re-assigned from predicting weather patterns to re-thinking our laws.  We can begin by separating the corporation from its rights as an individual.  The Dartmouth v Woodward decision of 1819 was dead on arrival and is due for re-consideration. It is time to re-define the corporation as an entity that must account for its total social / carbon footprint.  To serve is to rule!