July 6, 2015 American culture is designed from top to bottom to make 50% of American men believe they are living TOTALLY independent lives.  These men all have the following traits:

  1. They are employed
  2. They own property
  3. They are college educated
  4. They pay all of their bills every month
  5. They own stocks and bonds
  6. Their children are raised and doing well
  7. They paid for their children's college education
  8. They have paid for daughter’s weddings
  9. They host regular family get-togethers in a generous loving manner
  10. They don’t “lean” on the Federal Government for anything
  11. They own two or three cars and a few other devices with motors
  12. They go on road trips to Branson and Las Vegas, often driving  Winnebagoes towing $60,000  tricycle Harleys
  13. They are all still married to their first wives who they try hard to please
  14. Eighty percent of these men are overweight with cholesterol and heart problems
  15. They are amused by bolder men but envy no one.

American culture allows this myth of independence to thrive. These men are independent of little. They are piglets on the teat of our myth.  calves on an ideological udder, well-behaved puppies rollicking in a litter. They are mama’s boys and more than a few are motherfuckers. In the words of Sir Paul McCartney “.....and his mother said: “Ted be good’.....he would”  If you follow all of the rules all of the time and behave yourself 100% of the time - remaining under the juridical radar with your nose to your corporate grindstone ( or is it a hamster wheel?) within which you have risen into the executive ranks,  you can tell yourself you are an independent “self-made” man. If you stumble once you are dead. You cease to exist. You float in limbo, an untethered astronaut.  You are a non-person. You are pitied and ignored. If you dare to respond to a single urge emanating from your mid-brain, your basal ganglia, your nature center - you’re a fuck-up. 100% of your marching orders must derive from your female cultivated, mama-groomed prefrontal lobe, your culture center, Our myth center. The center of the big lie, the consensus trance. The lie that if you behave yourself rigorously, control yourself religiously, deny any and all animal urges howling at you from 4.5 billion years of evolution - you will be saved. You will win the game. You will have achieved the right to claim that you are an “independent” man. You fucking loser. You coward. You drip-squirt-smear. I’ll take Henry Miller and Picasso while you risk your life diving for metaphorical vaginas - the coy abalone hidden beneath the turbulent surf of mother-ocean.

How does experience become form? How does the life experience of a sea snail cause the development of its lethal, retractable proboscis-syringe? or the dancing fleshette-fishing lure built into the snapping turtle tongue? or the mega neocortex of the human? What is the interstitial process? Is it mutation-natural selection over 20 million years? This theory does not cut deep enough either for those features listed ot any of ten million others in plants and animals


Most animals and plants have reached the end point of their evolution. they dominate their respective niches with their sophisticated array of terminally evolved tricks of their respective trades. They now have little competition for sexual access and have no problem projecting their genome into the future i.e. they are done, finished, no place else to go in terms of any further adaptation. They are now perfectly adapted and they most likely have been for the past 10 to 20 million years. Is there a single shred of evidence that anything has evolved in the past one million years other than the human neocortex?

It is obvious that many species haven’t evolved for 50 or 100 million years: sharks, dragonflies, hagfish, clams. So what now? We are surrounded by perfection, by immaculate biochemical metabolic process. It works ! DNA gets scrubbed each generation, ATP gets metabolized, HOX and FOX genes unfold. Why would any of these organisms or their marvelously packaged processes change? They could change. New mutations could find favor but with what? A destroyed global environment, an inferior environment? Now that would be de-volution