Ball O’ String - Ball O’ Rubber Bands

August 18, 2015 A single thread of our grand rhizomatic myth-mat-braintangle, our consensus trance is often seen as madness  but when these madnesses, after some culling,  are bundled together into a single rope of shared consciousness comprising our shared wisdom, our history, laws and favorite music, books and  films - culture ensues.

Imagine two balls the diameter of a golf ball at the top of a big hill. They have 1,000 features coded as base pairs in DNA  at the top of the hill start point,. The orange ball rolls left and the green ball rolls right. These two balls have the capacity to replicate. The hill is covered with myriad pieces of string, the left side of each string fragment is different in small and large ways. The right side of the hill is covered with  rubber bands of  many qualities. New rubber bands and string are features that may or may not promote survival.  If the red ball rolls over a piece of string it adheres. If a green ball rolls over a rubber band it conveniently wraps around. The red ball is an animal. The green ball is a plant.  It will take three billion years for the DNA in the two balls to get to the bottom of the hill. As string or rubber bands are added, new DNA is created or existing DNA is struck by a UV ray creating a mutation forcing a ball to pick up a new type of string or rubber band.

Life has so much momentum, so much back-pressure ( historical momentum-heritage) as well as adaptive-reproductive pressure in real-time and real space. Life possesses such urgency and fecundity over vast scales of time-space,  like water being forced through a cracked rock formation - where are the hairline fissures in the rock? The openings will be discovered by these organisms as they struggle for existence. The new niche will be discovered.

Are individual organisms programmed with intention? Once the cat idea is in place, is it cats all the way down. Once the reptile happens, is it reptiles forever. It appears to be thus.  If there is a point in this “Ball-O- String” analogy where one could begin to wrap string around a rubber band trending ball or rubber bands around a ball that begins as stringy. At what point in evolutionary history does the idea of cat become expressed? Is it gradual? Is it punctuated, i.e. does it occur in less than 20 million years? Is there such a thing as “punctuation” within a pre-phenotypically expressed collection of what have been gradually accrued variations? Which of the following features would be considered the core of the balls  i.e. pre-string or pre- rubber bands? 1. live young parturition 2. quadrupedal 3. chordate 4. radially symmetrical 5. bilaterally symmetrical.

How does a ball know to pick up string and not rubber bands when it possesses neither at the early stages of development? Perhaps it does not “pick up” string or rubber bands, it picks up an undifferentiated substance and its food and transforms nutrients into string or rubber bands as a precursor cat or bear or crocodile that one day will become a fully expressed family.

How are traits conserved to such widely varying degrees in DNA? Are there kryptonite locks on certain histones - no access, little access, regular access, promiscuous depending on methylation type?

Lamarxism: Inherited acquired wage slavery.

Vastly different organisms could develop from identical amounts of both string and rubber bands depending on which of the pieces of string or rubber bands are expressed during fetal development. Maybe a ball at the bottom of the hill has 50% string and 50% rubber bands but only the string is expressed. The rubber bands are silent. Vastly different organisms could grow from identical genomes with expression controlled by post-transcriptional activity only.

What is the next step up the evolutionary ladder after bacteria or if not a ladder, which app is being selected among hundreds, as the most useful improvement for the organism? Was there ever a two-cell organism? or four, eight, twelve? or did we advance from one to hundreds of cells in a single step? Imagine a billion years of evolution happening in 24 hours - a museum exhibit.

One can create blinding bright light in a pitch dark room by pressing on one’s eyeballs. This is obviously a cold chemical light not involving photons. Must be phosphor atoms or calcium ions releasing energy at afferent neural pathways from eyeball to optic nerve through optic chiasm then into occipital lobe? who knows? maybe this light is experienced before the afferent signal gets to the occipital lobe say in the midbrain or the pons. This chemical light never needs to arrive at any more remote brain area for added meaning - no need for 3-D space to be imagined to complete a scene - just light alone. Is this light in the darkness similar to the cold light of lightning bugs or deep sea glowing fish appendages?

Do cell membrane lipids share the same chemistry as mitochondria lipid or vesicle membrane lipids? One size fits all? Is the hydrophilic-phobic connection reversed at either?

What propels and or guides a protein molecule from the golgi exit to the interior surface of the cell membrane? How is it guided to the proper zone of this 360 degree quasi-sphere? How is shipping information conveyed re: destination: bloodstream, adjacent cell, intracell goo?

Liebig's law: Barrel capacity determined by the lowest stave. Organism success determined by the most scarce resource.

8/18/15 9:40am