Loopy Canary and Key Lime Pie

June 4, 2016 - notes ( reggae or calypso)

Loopy canary..... key lime pie

My woman's gone fishing with a gulf stream guy

She hooked a prize tarpon she rides in in like Sherman

papayas gone rotten  crawlin with vermin

Her diet's been missin' cobalt and Niacin

She lounges 'round laughing at the latest Carl Hiassen

Blabbin' 'bout our moonlight cruise to Barbados

She'll parade around naked -  display her tomatoes

Humid bananas..... read 'em the riot

the fruity air's thick..... the shadows are quiet

I'd ask for some pie but the price isn't right

my tangy refuge from weirdness of life

The pie situation that plagues this dark island

a cruel estimation of a key lime nation

Here comes Old Cracker - there's Auntie Karen 

smell of burned sugar..... nobody's sharin'

Bonfire on back nine - cane field-a- smokin

Egret ain't singing- nobody's jokin'

Recall Boca Chica? - you marched in like Forrest

burned things worth savin' - your dog needs a florist

Your fruit's crawlin'.....decaying tonight

Where's my loopy canary - and my key lime pie ?


Gnat's Pajama Music-BMI