Bliss Bubbles and Hell Holes

Bliss and Hell are balanced on earth.  Bliss is manifest in bliss- bubbles and is balanced by hell-holes.  The following are bliss bubbles: Mozart, Chardin, Cezane, The Beatles, LeCorbusier, Louis Kahn, the Kronos Quartet.  The following are hell-holes: Jonestown, John Gacy’s  crawl space, Jeff Dahmer’s apartment, Auschwitz, The Vietnam War.  Rings of fire are combinations of both: Frank Lloyd Wright, Jimi Hendrix, Andy Wilf, Johnny Cash.  As the war in Vietnam accelerated during the sixties, the Beatles condensed out of the ether.  Hell sells, bliss is a bore in the realm of mass media.  Given the scope of pain we read about daily, there has got to be a lot of quiet bliss out there to account for the  balance we experience.  Quiet bliss is the warm, dark matter of our civilization.  There must be a lot of it to keep the mad force of the civilization from tearing us apart.