Bliss is not Seduction

Bliss is not seduction.  Bliss requires no polish, it glows from within.  There is nothing seductive about a bowl of oatmeal.  A healthy mind and a radiant spirit are attractive.  Many Americans do not know they are being seduced or they know and don’t care.  Children used to be disciplined, deprived and ignored, now they are coddled and seduced by the corporatocracy as future consumers.  Children are now programmed to accept seduction in every transaction, sugar with every bite of life.  The essence of seduction is that after the immediate pleasure evaporates, you have been reduced.  After that expensive dinner at the upscale yuppie seafood restaurant,  you are fatter, poorer, stuffed, hung-over, bliss -deprived, and tired.  Was she impressed?  Were you seductive?  If you employ seduction to achieve your ends you are a seducer.  If you harness the seduction of others to your ends – you are a seducer.  A seducer is a spiritual thief.It is easy to fall into a cycle of seduction via food.  The Bliss Diet will cure you.  It will remove seduction from your eating habits.  It will restore the pleasures of your mind.  If you currently derive your sense of well- being from the SAD HEN: serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, histamine, epinephrine, nor epinephrine i.e. from food, alcohol and smoke and the neurochemicals they release,  you are depriving yourself of the spiritual resources that can make you consistently happy.